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Conscious of wishing to provide an easily accessible service to all kinds of people, we have adopted a means of access to our site which adheres as closely as possible to current standards. Several methods of navigation are possible.

Not all internet users have access to graphics, a mouse or to some other type of pointer. Some use the keyboard, others alternative forms of keyboard, or may even have a voice-operated mechanism to navigate the links, activate form checks, etc. In order to overcome this problem the main site headings may be accessed via keyboard shortcuts. This very practical method is supported by Version 4 of Internet Explorer and later versions, and Version 6 of Netscape and later versions. To get access to the different sections without using a mouse, please refer to the access keys in the table below : 

Site Shortcuts 

Instructions for use :

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The texts contained in this site are of a relative font size, and may therefore be enlarged if required.

To modify the size of the text :

Bypass links

By placing the Menu right at the start of the document, as soon as the page is loaded the links allow you to go straight to the required section, whether to the Contents, Main Menu or search mechanism, without having to page through undesired information.

These links simplify access for handicapped people, particularly those who are blind. They can go straight to the sections they want.

Navigation by tabulation

Press Tab and repeat until you reach the required place, then press Enter

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